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About Me

I am a creative UX / UI designer and developer who is able to work on projects with the full scope in mind. I produce clean and effective user experience as well as user interface elements and wire-frames. My specialities are in Front-End Development, UI design, UX design and interactive design. With a solid understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and PHP. I can integrate other front-end development components such as layouts and functionality into a pre-existing or new framework. I am able to provide experience and advice on all aspects of a web project.
As the web is becoming more advanced, having a hybrid designer/developer as part of your team is important to ensure quality of design is maintained when translated into code.

I am Specialised In

Creating Concepts

Every great design starts with an idea/concept. An idea is what forms the fundamental parts. It’s very important that all the fundamental parts are well defined and working.

Visualizing Ideas

The best way to present an idea is to visualize it. It makes your idea alive. In many cases, visualization helps users understand the story that a business wants to tell them.

Designing Interface

My main area of expertise is UI design. Nowadays, interface is a very important part of the online product. The right UI will guarantee your success.

Front-End Developer

Front End Developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Love HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a touch of jQuery.

Web Optimization

Compressing, compiling, minimization, the understanding of file size is very important and something forgotten. It by far one of the most important to think about when a new product is being developed.

Developing UX

User experience is an essential part of the service/product nowadays. Creating experience starts with the value proposition. After that comes usability -how easy a product is to use.

Recent Projects

VOBC Dashboard

Victory Outreach Bible College (VOBC) is offering a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry, User interface panel, designed to help students, teachers and admins manage overflows, download content/files, grade and location courses.

Project Details

VO Member Portal

In VO Members Portal my role was product development, website design & Front End development.

Project Details Live Site